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Hey guys! It’s me Shruti back again with a new blog. I’m sorry this blog is only for Indian people out there.

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First, Love Yourself!


Hey beautiful peeps!!

This is me Shruti here, back again with a new blog. So, today’s topic is “First, Love Yourself”. I’m so young for this topic i know (i’m only 14). But i hope that you want to hear my story behind this topic.


You can clearly see my dusky and dark skin color in my picture. First of all, i am very proud of myself, my skin color and my Indian culture. Yes, i am from India. The country which is famous for it’s culture, but it have some flaws too. Actually in our country, there are so many people who thinks that colored skin or dark skin is bad. I know if you are from foreign countries, you won’t believe me but it is a thinking of so many people in our country. They think that fair skin color is good. But i think this is a reason of so many girls dying daily or get into depression. I also do listen so many people talking rubbish about me, that she is ugly or she have dark skin.

But i don’t listen them i know who i am and no one is ugly in this whole universe. I want to say that girl, you’re pretty. You’re the most beautiful creation of God. Don’t react to those people, just smile. Someone will definately smile, after watching you smile.

And in last, girl love yourself!

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life lesson

a small bird in this big world.

Hey beautiful peeps!!

This is me Shruti here, back again with a new blog. Today, i writing about that hardwork will definately lead you to success. Yeah, i know i’m too young for this topic, but i want to write about it.

Life is like roller-coaster, sometime downwards and sometime upwards. But never give up. One day, you will definately shine like a star or more brighter than a star.

This world is so big and think that you’re a small bird and till now you have only learned how to fly but in trying to fly you also had fell so much times. Life is same as this, one day you will definately fly in this sky and on those days you will go far and that will be your happy days.

So, never give up just keep trying.


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Boho fashion is in trend

Hey guys! it’s me Shruti, back again with a new blog. Today i am gonna talk about boho fashion. If you want to know more about it, just read my blog.

Boho is a style of fashion drawing on varus bohemian and hippie influences, which was on its height in late 2005 and was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in England and businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen in United States


“BoHo” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, self descriptive of the style

History: In late 2004, Vogue featured Miller on its front cover and described her as “the girl of the year”. In early May 2005, the Sunday Times Style magazine had declared that “overexposed” white peasant skirts were “going down” and had advised adherents of boho to “update your boho mojo” by mixing the look with metallic items or with layers. By the end of 2005, Miller herself, who claimed later that her boho look was not very original “I think I’d just come back from traveling or something” had adopted other styles of dress and her shorter, bobbed hairstyle ironically a feature of bohemian fashion in the quarter century before world war II helped to define a new trend in 2007. She was quoted in Vogue as saying “no more boho chic … I feel less hippie. I just don’t want to wear anything floaty or coin-belty ever again. No more gilets …”.

Image result for sienna miller in boho fashion
Sienna Miller’s Boho style and it is looking amazing.

In 2008, Miller reflected that “It was a strange social experiment, to be responsible for all that. It made me self-conscious, which, inherently, I’m not. People would say, “I’m sick of boho”, and now I stand up and say, “But I liked those clothes – it’s not my fault that they were copied, you wore them and now you’re sick of them. Also, I did not start the trend.”. After that many actresses support boho fashion and many hadn’t but slowly it becomes the biggest fashion trend in 2015-16.

I personally want to say that i really like boho fashion. Because of boots with shorts, bandanas, rings, braids and a lot of things. When i went to Mussoorie (it’s a hill station in India, if you guys want i can also write a blog. Comment if you want.), i also had tried to style like a boho-chic and i think i did well. Comment if you think i did well.

what do you think how’s i did?

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Passion or Dreams??

Hey guys! it’s me Shruti, back again with a new blog. I know i’m too young to talk on this topic but i really wanted to write a blog on this thats why i’m writing.

Passion or Dreams?? I think this is the most hardest decision of our life. I also wrote in my “something about me ” blog that i really wanted to follow my passion that is writing/blogging and i also want to tell you guys that i haven’t monetize my blog yet because i’m not doing this for money, i am doing this thing because i love it.

Your dream is different, your passion is different and you’re choosing your dream over passion, it’s just like you want to eat pizza but you’re eating ice cream. Make your dream your passion. Let me tell you a thing, assume that your dream is to become an engineer and your passion is to be a wildlife photographer but eventually you became an engineer. After becoming an engineer, photography becomes only a hobby for you. You daily go to the office to do work for 8 hours and that was really hard for you but have you ever think that doing photography for 8 hours be a hard thing for you?? I think no.

Dream is your vision about the goal that is deep seated in your brain but passion is something that you love or love to do.Dream may at times be fantasy, but passion is always realistic. Do those things that you like or love maybe they will not give you money as much as job of an engineer or a doctor but it will makes you happy. Happiness is the most important thing ever, even our parents also tell us to be happy. Do whatever makes you happy and one day you will become a successful person. All i want to say is follow your passion, be a successful person, make money and die happy.

Thank you!

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17 amazing uses of VASELINE pure skin jelly

hey beautiful peeps!! it’s me Shruti, back again with a new blog.

Today, i’m gonna tell you guys about 17 AMAZING uses of Vaseline pure skin jelly. They’re super easy. It’s not any sponsered blog. i am only writing this beacause i wanted to from a very long time. So, yaa lets get started:

  1. Before sleeping, apply Vaseline on your eye lashes, if you sleep like this it will give you long eye lashes.
  2. Apply Vaseline on your feets and put on your socks before sleeping and in morning it will give you super soft feets.
  3. Apply Vaseline on your wrists, than spray your perfume on your wrist it will stay last longer. This how you can make your perfume last longer.
  4. If you want to apply your lipstick as lip gloss, just add vaseline in your lipstick and mix it well.
  5.  If you want to make a DIY Salt Scrub, just take some and sea salt and it will create a salt scrub.
  6. If you apply Vaseline on your teeth before applying lipstick, it will prevents lipstick on teeth.
  7. You can also use Vaseline as makeup remover.
  8. If you are a nail person, you can also use Vaseline as cuticle massager.
  9. If you want a shiney eye shadow effect, you can apply Vaseline on your eyes before applying eye shadow and it will give you a shiney effect.
  10. If your ring stuck on your finger, apply Vaseline on your finger, it will help you.
  11. It also helps with dandruff, apply it on your scalp and after sometime wash your hair.
  12. If you want shiney shoes, apply a little bit on your shoes and it will definately help you.
  13. Scratch the Vaseline on the end of your hairs and it will give you chopped hair look.
  14. Vaseline also helps to remove your makeup from clothes.
  15. Vaseline also exfoliate your lips, apply Vaseline on your on your lips and rub it with the help of tooth brush and it will give you super smooth lips.
  16. Vaseline also helps with remove fake eye lashes.
  17. Apply Vaseline before going outside in sunny day, it prevents uneven tanning.

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Its about me

Hey beautiful peeps!!

It’s me Shruti, back again with a new blog. So, this blog is about me. I always find hard to write about myself, i don’t know why! But yaa i’ll try to write somethings about me.

This picture is from my recent trip of mussoorie, blog of mussoorie is also coming soon.

My name is Shruti like you guys already know, my full name is Shruti Joseph. I was born and raise in a Roman Catholic Christian family at New Delhi (capital of India). I am 13 years old…… wait wait. Now, everyone will think why she started blogging at a very young age!?…… All i want to say i started blogging at a very young age because i love writing, i love share my opinions with others and i enjoy this thing, thats the thing which i like. So, yaa thats the reason of me why I started blogging.

Aim of my life? don’t you think i’m too young to think about AIM of my life. My mom’s dream is to make me a doctor, but thats not the thing for me. My dream is to be make money as much as i can, with that travel the world, have fun and die happy. It doesn’t mean that i will leave education. Education is so important, but i want to die happy.

Thatlazybee the name of my website. Actually, i came up with this randomly but after sometime when i thought about this name it comes as lazy bee, we know all the bees are hardworking, no one is lazy among them but there is a bee who is lazy and thats the thing which makes that bee unique in this beautiful world.

What are my friends for me? They’re like dose of life. At any place of life, i’ll never leave them. I am a social person. I’ve a lots of friends. They’re my second family, they make me smile every time when I don’t want to. Everybody says ‘I hate school’ but i want to say i love school because that is the place where I met my friends. School is a place which we join crying and leave crying but it will give us many memories.

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4 NEW beauty bloggers that you need to FOLLOW!

Hey guys!

They’re some fashion bloggers that you guys are following like Kritika Khurana (insta: thatbohogirl ) and Sejal Kumar (insta:  sejalkumar1195 ). But there are some new fashion bloggers that you need to follow. These fashion bloggers will tell you about latest trends and styles! There style is amazing and trendy. 

So, there’s a list of bloggers that you’ll love:

  1. Priyal MahajanInstagramthedeckqueen 

   2.  Esha Kanani

Instagram: eshakanani

3.  Komal Pandey

Instagram: thecollegecouture

4.   Dhwani Bhatt

Instagram: dhwaniibhatt

Thankyou guys! For reading my blog. I’m new at blogging. You can follow me on instagram: shhrutiiiiix